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Industry 4.0 and Internet-of-things are starting to digitally-transform our lives. All existing businesses need to redesign their products and services to leverage the disruptive capability of these technologies to succeed in this brave new world. Irrespective of their business scale, they have the following three challenges – their teams are busy with their existing workload, finding new talent is expensive, and there is no respite from time-to-market pressure. We help customers bridge this gap and innovate new business models. We do this by leveraging our technology solutions, acting as a software development partner, and IT/OT integration partner.

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Creating a positive difference in the lives of everyone – our customers, our employees and the society at large, through ingenious use of our engineering skills and operating with integrity

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Architectural Consulting, Online Learning Modules, Re-usable Components, Development Support, DevOps Tools & Annual Maintenance


Additional hands for Proof-of-concept, Prototyping, Development, Validation, Deployment, Maintenance & Obsolescence Management

Trusted Partner enabling organizations in
their Digital Transformation journey

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Technology platform

Proof Of Concept

Specification prototyping

Web & Offline Tools Development

Verification & Validation

DevOps & CI

Technology adoption framework
Industry 4.0 – Eight Stage Technology Adoption Framework
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open Source community project & Commercial support
Open Source OPC UA – open62541 Community Project & Commercial Support


Kalycito collaborates in the development of NodeOPCUA stack

28-Jul-2020, Kalycito collaborates in the development of the NodeOPCUA stack to offer a fully open-source sensor-to-cloud path together to our OPC UA customers and also building an open-source Eco-system for OPC UA and TSN addressing various edge/field use cases.

Joint Webinar by Kalycito and B&R

17-Jul-2020, Kalycito along with B&R conducted a joint webinar on “Implementation of secured IIoT communication for smart machines and factories” for OEMs and factory owners to make their machine and factory smarter.

Kalycito at Embedded World 2020

17-Feb-2020, Kalycito to exhibit at Embedded World 2020, Messe Nuremberg, Germany at OSADL stall at Hall No. 4-168 from 25-Feb-2020 to 27-Feb-2020. Get answers to OPC UA in your products and integrate OPC UA and TSN for your next generation Industry 4.0 devices…

Embedded focused Open Source OPC UA Stack open62541 officially certified by OPC Foundation

26-Sep-2019, Kalycito being the first to implement Pub/Sub and demonstrate TSN readiness in early 2018, open62541 is now the first open source c-stack to be certified against the server CTT…

Successful launch of crowd funded project phase 2 for OPC UA TSN

26-Feb-2019, Nuremberg, Germany Kalycito along with OSADL & Fraunhofer IOSB has successfully launched phase #2 of the global industry 4.0 open source crowdfunded initiative at Embedded World 2019, Nuremberg, Germany. This initiative to build an Open Source…

Kalycito at the OPC Foundation TSN Working Group F2F in Salzburg

9-Apr-2018, Kalycito and Fraunhofer IOSB made a joint presentation to the OPC Foundation TSN Working Group on how the crowd funded “Multivendor TSN and Open Source OPC UA” program can help the TSN Working Group accelerate their standardization efforts in OPC-UA-TSN…

Kalycito collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate Internet of Things solutions

14-Aug-2018, Kalycito collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate Internet of Things solutionsVerified hardware and software enhance interoperability and allow faster time to production. Bangalore, India — Kalycito Infotech Private Limited, today…

Updates from the OPC DAY EUROPE 2018 Germany hosted by the Automatica trade fair in Munich

21-June-2018, The event had 147 registrations from 20 countries also from outside Europe showing the international commitment towards OPC UA. Also for a majority of attendees, this was their first OPC Day event. Among the participants there were a big…

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