Our Mission

We believe that Industrial IoT can enable mankind to live life more efficiently and happily. Our goal is to bring down the cost of Industrial IoT for every end-user across the globe, while building a vibrant community of engineers, who enjoy a great sense of achievement and work-life balance.


Our Values

Creating a positive difference in the lives of everyone – our customers, our employees and the society at large, through ingenious use of our engineering skills and operating with integrity.

Executive Team




  • Kalycito started operations in Technology Business Incubator facility sponsored by Govt. of India at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
  • Back then we called it “networked embedded systems”, when terms like Big Data, IoT, Industry 4.0 were never heard of.


  • Won first business from Europe.
  • Received grants and soft loans from Technology Development Board (TDB) & MSME, Govt. of India


  • First major contribution to opensource community – openCONFIGURATOR was released in sourceforge and showcased in Hannover fair.
  • Invested in acquiring hardware prototyping capabilities and FPGA IP development capabilities.


  • Delivered our first end-to-end product as a service (Firmware, FPGA IP & PCB)
  • R&D investments into eAlerta started – an IIoT platform sold as a subscription service.


  • Conducted our first international conference on openAUTOMATION technologies in Coimbatore and Chennai.
  • Graduated out of TBI facility and moved into our own office with state-of-the-art infrastructure.


  • First assignment in wireless space.
  • First export of CE certified hardware as a part of an end-to-end product development assignment.


  • First customers from USA


  • eAlerta is now a continuously integrated platform


  • We have delivered our services to customers across atleast 7 countries and 5 states in India.
  • eAlerta won QCI – D.L Shah Quality Award in Gold category at the 10th National Quality Conclave held at New Delhi.


  • Large scale production deployments of POWERLINK in field machines for our customers.
  • Started winning services contracts spanning multiple years with multiple customers.


  • Became members of IIC and OPC Foundation and started contributing to OPC UA TSN development
  • First Indian company to become part of IIC TSN Testbed
  • Celebrated 10 years of business


  • OSADL Kalycito Fraunhofer Project: Building world’s first open source eco-system for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things projects.
  • Thought leadership: Kalycito consultants speaking in multiple conferences in US and Europe in the subject of Industrial IoT.
  • 50%-50% revenue share between European & US markets.
  • Successful completion of phase 1 of the OPC UA over TSN community project
  • Membership in OPC Foundation Field Level Communication steering committee


  • Certified an example build using open source open62541 stack by OPC Foundation for “Micro Embedded device server” profile and security policies
  • Successful launch of the phase 2 of OPC UA over TSN community project at Embedded World 2019

Memberships & Partners



perfection I can proudly say that we are an early customer and we could make some exciting developments together since the establishment of Kalycito. We are really happy with what has been achieved together so far and I am looking forward to the next years of cooperation! – Stefan Schoenegger, VP Product Strategy
Moba Moba is the market leader in egg grading equipment. Implementing a new Ethernet based industrial network in our egg grading equipment was a serious project, and we needed to reduce the risks and shorten the learning curve for our organization as much as possible. With the help and support from Kalycito we accomplished this. Our market introduction of our new grader (PX-700) was on schedule and without problems. – Paul van Gerwen, R&D Director
Innovasic Rather than a vendor, we see Kalycito as a partner in our Deterministic Ethernet efforts over the last couple of years. We were initially skeptical of how well a team located in India can learn our tools and technology from a remote location. We have been pleasantly surprised with the results demonstrated by Kalycito in different projects over the years. – Tom Weingartner, VP Marketing
hp In 2012-2013, we had engaged with Kalycito to support us in integrating Ethernet Powerlink on one of our industrial printing platforms. They have good expertise in Powerlink and Embedded Systems and were able to quickly reproduce our environment at their end and actively help us troubleshoot the issues we faced. We are happy with their self driven approach and problem-solving capabilities. The quality of their project communication and deliverables made it easier for us to work with them..
rolon …for more than 3 years for monitoring our assembly lines across five units in India. The solution has given us a holistic and real-time view on our manufacturing data including quality. The system is user-friendly and we are able to perform analytics on the data to optimize our capacity utilization, increase our production efficiency and quality. Also, it is noteworthy mentioning that no Kalycito personnel has visited some of our plants though the system has been installed and is in use for quite some time in these locations. – Fernandez, MBD.
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