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19 July 2011- Smaller IT firms see quality scarcity in engineers


Coimbatore: Smaller IT companies, which a couple of years back, found it difficult to attract and retain quality engineers now say “the issue is not about getting the cream of students. It is the lack of quality engineers.”

Speaking to Business Line, the Chief Executive of Kalycito, Mr K Bhagath, said “We have been successful in getting and to some extent retaining quality talent pool. No big company is able to pay a “high” package for beginners. Our starting pay is a lot more attractive than the offer made by bigger players. So freshers are drawn to companies such as ours,” he added.

While stating that a career in smaller companies could be a learning experience for beginners, he conceded that it could be challenging as well. “Within a month or two of initiation, the candidate gets to interact with the client. So, they have to be sharp, smart, quick to absorb and understand details and responsible as well. Since the team size is not huge, each member gets to interact with the management team and we in turn, are able to mentor and monitor their performance closely.”

“Moving to the next level therefore depends on the individual’s capability. While some tend to see this as a difficult proposition, quit to join elsewhere after two-three years, there are quite a few who have grown with us, and risen to good positions,” he added.

Kalycito Infotech provides research and development services, re-engineering solutions, technology consulting and software services. The company would be exporting hardware during the current year, said Mr Bhagath.

Until recently, Kalycito had been offering such services to clients in the US and Europe. Mr Bhagath is now looking to focus on the domestic market. “We have a couple of products that focus on productivity aspects. We track energy, people etc and help companies enhance productivity.”

The company, which has been occupying 1,200 sq ft space in the PSG – STEP (Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park) is now planning to expand operations. “We looking to take up additional space on the Trichy road and our total area after expansion would be 5,000 sq ft. We are a 30 member team now and in about a year’s time it will rise to 70.”

Ref: Business Line

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