This is Sebastian. He is the CTO of a machine building company in Europe. They maintained their competitive advantage in the market by developing most of their electronics and software inhouse. A few months back, Sebastian was facing a tight deadline to release a new flagship machine in the market. He realized that as the machines got bigger, the cabling and wiring harness became a challenge for production and maintenance. He also wanted to upgrade the communications technology within the machine and integrate his machines with the cloud. His team were looking at industry 4.0 technologies but were busy with existing work priorities. Sebastian understood that his primary need was to get his team up to speed fast on new technologies He realized that he needed external assistance, and This is when he got in touch with Kalycito. Leveraging our decade of experience in this industry, we were able to present an approach that he could pursue towards his objectives. This led to signing of an NDA. We made a subsequent call with his technical team to get more details about their machine architecture and subsystems. We then presented them with a list of our training assets and their team was able to pick and choose items of interest to suit their current needs. This let us assemble a customized 3-day architecture level consulting workshop at their site. At the end of 3 days, we were able to help their team have an architecture in place and Sebastian was able to ballpark a budget for the project. Sebastian had thought that arriving at the architecture and budget would have taken 6 months. We managed to help them prepare an initial blueprint in 3 days. Sebastian had a great experience with us and appreciated our flexibility in providing on demand support. The trust developed between us led to a long-term association. He requested us to work on few of his other problems too. That one phone call to Kalycito changed his life. He has a partner he can call anytime to have a fresh perspective of his business problem. If you are facing something similar, you can contact us right away.