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To measure performance of the pcap POWERLINK demo while

  • IO data is exchanged in the isochronous phase and
  • A video is streamed over the asynchronous phase





Cycle time measurement

Figure – 1 Environment Set up





  • Cycle Time: 50 ms
  • Isochronous Data Size: 1 Byte Tx & 1 Byte Rx
  • Asynchronous Data Size: 1500 Bytes
  • The demo C program on the slave receives the data and loops it back into the network



  • The master is able to receive the data is sent into the network after the loop back at a delay of 200ms i.e. 4 cycles.



Figure – 2 Round trip time of a PDO


  • During the process master streams a video with the resolution of 176×144 @ 25fps into the network. One of the slaves in the network receives the streamed video with the delay of 2 seconds. The persistence (jitter) between the cycles was measured to be 4ms during the process.


Perfomance jitter

Figure – 3 Jitter measurements




  • We see that the network is stable and deterministic at 50 ms
  • To further reduce the cycle time, we can port the ethernet driver into the Linux kernel and try using RtPreempt

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