Development Support & Consulting

Do you have an in-house R&D team that uses open source OPC UA stacks such as open62541 or Nodeopcua to develop OPC UA connectivity for your products?

If your team has the necessary skills and are comfortable using the open source code base, online documentation and community forums to solve the issues that come up during development, they should be able to support themselves to solve most problems very quickly.

There may be cases where your teams are running out of time to solve a high priority issue while they are waiting for someone from the open source community to respond to their query

At such times, your teams can benefit from our on-demand commercial support for ad hoc support requests throughout your product development cycle.

Apart from that, you may also want to leverage our technology expertise in the beginning stage of a project. Our core expertise is around the following Industry 4.0 aspects:

  • Full-stack architecture specification (Device, Edge, On-premise, Fog, Cloud, M2M, M2C)
  • End-to-end platform evaluation/prototyping
  • Brown field retrofits/upgrades (Modbus 485, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink)
  • Configuration tools (User management, Device management, Security management, Data management)
  • OPC UA & Information modelling (Custom Information Model & Companion Specifications)
  • Industry 4.0 Protocol Stacks (open62541, NodeOPCUA, openPOWERLINK)
  • Industry 4.0 Security
  • Real-time Linux (PREEMPT_RT, Tuning BIOS configuration, Kernel Configuration, Troubleshooting)
  • Time Synchronization (NTP, GPS, IEEE 1588 (PTP) & IEEE 802.1AS (GPTP))
  • Time Sensitive Networking (IEEE 802.1 AS, IEEE 802.1 Qbv)
  • DevOps & Continuous Integration (Gerrit, Jenkins, Kubernetes)
  • Realtime performance evaluation (Network & System)

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