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21 March 2012 – On March 7, 2012, the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) presented the specification of the POWERLINK communication profile as the national standard GB/T 27960-2011. This makes POWERLINK the only industrial Ethernet protocol to comply with the highest authorized standardization level for communication technologies in China.

As a Chinese recommended industrial standard, GB/T must meet several requirements. It must be fully open technology, widely used and standard technology in the world and not subject to any country or company. POWERLINKs Open Source strategy contributed substantially to the required acceptance by local component manufacturers. There also needs to be a test and certification institution in China, which opened in 2011. Of the more than 80 renowned member companies in various industries of the Ethernet POWERLINK Association China, more than 15 already supply products with a POWERLINK interface, 30 more are under development.

“This turns POWERLINK into a unique selling point and success factor in China for export-oriented manufacturers of production machinery and components“, Stefan Schönegger, Managing Director of the EPSG, points out an important aspect of this standardization. “It shows that due to the path of pervasive openness we have been following, in many countries POWERLINK is the only technology that can fulfill expectations“. Schönegger is also convinced that this decision will have ground-breaking effects on the Chinese plant construction industry as well.

Ref: EPSG Website

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