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Water and steam power led to early mechanization. This was followed by assembly lines for mass production in the age of electricity. Then came transistors which enabled computers and robotics. The future is all about smart and connected systems that let data flow more freely and enable new business models.

Industry 1.0
Industry 1.0
Mechanization, Water power, Steam power
Industry 2.0
Industry 2.0
Mass Production, Assembly Line, Electricity
Industry 3.0
Industry 3.0
Automation, Computer, Electronics
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0
Cyber Physical Systems
Today, the manufacturing enterprise uses many proprietary standards, which constrain horizontal and vertical connectivity and lead to limited interoperability. Continuing with these information islands will endanger current businesses. New businesses are expected to disrupt this space and establish a new normal.
Today’s legacy information islands
 Legacy Information Island
New Normal
The new normal
The New Normal

The new normal depends on flexible flow of data through the larger network of things in the manufacturing enterprise. This will be possible only if there is a globally open ecosystem based on a unified architecture that allows adaptive devices to enable new business models.

Unified Architecture
We are pioneering the creation of such a global open ecosystem through our initiatives in the open source OPC UA TSN space. We aim to reduce entry barrier and time-to-market for companies looking to build products and offer services through new Industry 4.0 business models


Our strength is our expertise in full stack integration of IT and OT technologies. We can help you with on-time delivery of secure, reliable and interoperable IIoT Solutions. We leverage our lean platforms, mature and agile processes, open source tools, technology expertise and domain know-how to achieve the same.
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Industrial Networking & OT Technologies
Smart Factory
Smart Cities
Enterprise Networking & IT Technologies
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