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  • Have you used at least 2 boards – 1 openPOWERLINK Master & 1 openPOWERLINK Slave?
  • Have you integrated openPOWERLINK with Raspberry Pi2?
  • Have you tried implementing/using a push button & LED with the existing Quick Start Guide?
  • Have you connected any input sensors like push button, light switch, temperature switch, etc. to the Raspberry Pi2 board?
  • Have you connected any actuators/output devices like LED, motor, relay, etc. to the Raspberry Pi2 board?
  • Have you verified that the data of the signal from input sensor is used to control the output device through openPOWERLINK?

If your answers to all the above questions are “YES”, then your idea is suitable for an openPOWERLINK demo on Raspberry Pi2..!!!

If you want to refer an existing openPOWERLINK demo on Raspberry Pi2, please click here

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