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Just as rivers were the cradle for human civilization,
a shared network is the cradle for an AI world!

Is your product or service ready for this connected experience?

The Industry 4.0 Challenge

Global Trend

Shorter product life cycle
More product variants
More features

For R&D Teams

Spiraling effort
Not enough validation
Cost of quality

For Operations

Expensive after sales support
Unplanned onsite travel
Subpar customer experience

FSET Use Cases

FSET enables automation device manufacturers, machine builders and end-users,

  • maintain and troubleshoot multivendor heterogenous systems
  • run complex user-scenario tests
  • benefit from faster issue reporting
  • reduce effort during technology adoption projects – for e.g. OPC UA, TSN, Security, Cloud, etc.
DevOps for Industry 4.0 use case

FSET Case Study

We asked one of our FSET customers – an R&D manager in an OEM, “Why did you buy our FSET tool?” We were delighted to hear what they said.

We believe this is a generic problem statement across the industry. If you are one among them, we think this case study video will be useful to you.

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FSET Features

  • Automate power ON/OFF cycles of equipment
  • Change network topology on the fly
  • Periodic oscilloscope screenshots for inspection
  • Trace analysis of system behavior & network traffic
  • Distributed and time synchronised test platform
DevOps for Industry 4.0

FSET Packages

Features Starter Standard Advanced
Automate power ON/OFF cycles of equipment Y Y Y
Automate script execution Y Y Y
Parallel triggering of jobs Y Y Y
Automate oscilloscope config, clear, capture Y Y Y
Gerrit integration Y Y Y
E-mail integration Y Y Y
Ticketing and scheduling Y Y Y
Jitter and Latency plots Y Y Y
Environment snapshots & traceability Y Y Y
Automate system log collection Y Y Y
Automate network trace collection Y Y Y
Automate system log filtering Y Y
Automate network trace filtering Y Y
Real-time Digital input, Digital output support (ON/OFF) Y Y
Time synchronization using PTP – IEEE 1588 Y Y
Network topology change on the fly Y Y
Time synchronization using TSN – IEEE 802.1AS Y
Automate Network configuration change Y
Live plots Y
Software update & firmwware management Y
Machine performance monitoring package Y
Installation support 2 weeks 3 weeks 6 weeks