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Just as rivers were the cradle for human civilization,
a shared network is the cradle for an AI world!

Do you have the right tools to test your use cases in a heterogenous industrial IoT Network?

The Industry 4.0 Challenge

Global Trend

Shorter product life cycle
More features
More product variants

For R&D Teams

Spiraling effort
Not enough validation
Cost of quality

For Operations

Expensive after sales support
Unplanned onsite travel
Subpar customer experience

Solution: Our IoT DevOps/Test Automation Framework – FSET

FSET enables automation device manufacturers and machine builders,

  • to test and troubleshoot their products/services/use cases in multivendor heterogenous systems
  • run complex user-scenario tests
  • benefit from faster issue reporting
  • reduce effort during technology adoption projects – for e.g. OPC UA, TSN, 5G, Security,  Edge Computing, Cloud, etc.
DevOps for Industry 4.0 use case

FSET Case Study

We asked one of the FSET customers – an R&D manager in an OEM, “Why did you buy our FSET tool?” We were delighted to hear what they said.

This is a generic problem statement across the industry. If you are one among them, we think this case study video will be useful to you.

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FSET Features

  • Automate power ON/OFF cycles of equipment
  • Change network topology on the fly
  • Periodic oscilloscope screenshots for inspection
  • Trace analysis of both system behavior and network traffic
  • Distributed and time synchronised test platform
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DevOps for Industry 4.0

FSET Packages

Features Starter Standard Advanced
Automate power ON/OFF cycles of equipment Y Y Y
Automate script execution Y Y Y
Parallel triggering of jobs Y Y Y
Automate oscilloscope config, clear, capture Y Y Y
Gerrit integration Y Y Y
E-mail integration Y Y Y
Ticketing and scheduling Y Y Y
Jitter and Latency plots Y Y Y
Environment snapshots & traceability Y Y Y
Automate system log collection Y Y Y
Automate network trace collection Y Y Y
Automate system log filtering Y Y
Automate network trace filtering Y Y
Real-time Digital input, Digital output support (ON/OFF) Y Y
Time synchronization using PTP – IEEE 1588 Y Y
Network topology change on the fly Y Y
Time synchronization using TSN – IEEE 802.1AS Y
Automate Network configuration change Y
Live plots Y
Software update & firmwware management Y
Machine performance monitoring package Y
Installation support 2 weeks 3 weeks 6 weeks