IIoT Starter Kit

OPCUA IIoT projects are complex and take a long time to implement. Customers find that choosing the right solution to connect their assets to the cloud can be a time-consuming effort which may not yield the intended outcomes.

Kalycito IIoT Starter Kit – Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT combined with Kalycito’s expertise in full stack IT/OT integration services helps customers realize on-time delivery of reliable and interoperable IIoT solutions.


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Consultants for IIoT Platform

Enable your team to come up to speed on IIoT platform by leveraging our consulting services.

  • Bring Azure IoT component into your existing design
  • Architect Machine-to-Cloud (M2C) use cases
  • Architect Machine-to-Machine (M2M) use cases
  • Prototyping and practical guidance on building blocks of IoT edge devices
  • Cost estimation for connecting your manufacturing assets to Microsoft Azure IoT

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We can help you save time with:

  • Creation of OPC UA information models of your manufacturing assets
  • Integrating PLCs from your factories to the cloud via OPC UA connectivity
  • Integrating Modbus devices to the cloud through edge gateway interfaces
  • Configuration management to store your data in the cloud for future use cases
  • Training and handover of the project for your teams to maintain it in the long run

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How-to connect on Azure for m2c

IIoT Starter Kit is a gateway product to get machine data into the cloud. There are two use cases: (a) The gateway accesses data from each OPC UA server in the factory via a secure connection and transmits data to the Azure cloud (b) The gateway subscribes to data in the machine to machine network in the factory via OPC UA PubSub and then transmits data into the Azure cloud.