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We assist business leaders across the globe build mission critical and reliable solutions by applying a decade of expertise integrating full stack IT & OT systems!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted, strategic, long-term technology partner offering specialized research and development services and solutions to our customers while being a just employer and a socially responsible organization


Our Values

  • To create a difference

  • To operate with ingenuity

  • To operate with integrity


We are focused on Industrial Systems since inception. We are a 10 year old, self-funded, organically growing and privately held company.


  • OSADL Kalycito Fraunhofer Project: Building world’s first open source eco-system for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things projects
  • Thought leadership: Kalycito consultants speaking in multiple conferences in US and Europe in the subject of Industrial IoT
  • 50%-50% revenue share between European & US markets


  • Became members of IIC and OPC Foundation and started contributing to OPC UA TSN development
  • First Indian company to become part of IIC TSN Testbed
  • Celebrated 10 years of business


  • Large scale production deployments of POWERLINK in field machines for our customers
  • Started winning services contracts spanning multiple years with multiple customers

Snapshot of Past Milestones

Our Executive Team

The executive team of Kalycito has over 100 man years of technology experience and 35 man years of entrepreneurial experience. This is gathered through executing technologically challenging projects for customers across the globe. The key areas of experience of the founding team are in the fields of embedded systems, industrial networking and enterprise networking.


Founder & CEO of kalycito infotech

Bhagath is a first-generation entrepreneur, with a passion for engineering and technology. He has been instrumental in starting Kalycito and growing it organically for over a decade now. He believes in bringing a positive difference in the lives of every human being, by creating next generation IT/OT technologies - that enable people with more insights and help them achieve decentralized decision making.
Bhagath started his career in 2002, managing enterprise IT software, networks and servers. Later he joined Infosys, where he was involved in developing mission critical embedded software, for industrial automation customers in Europe and North America. Today, he has over 16 years of experience in software development, embedded systems, open source & real-time Linux, enterprise and industrial networking, project management, product management, marketing and sales.
He loves to read, travel and experience different cultures. He has explored over 15 countries and most of India, and has also circumnavigated the earth.




Founder & COO of kalycito infotech

Kamal is a founding director of Kalycito. Kamal was instrumental in the incorporation of the company and providing the financial plan during the initial years of operation. Today, he heads Finance, Operations and eAlerta Sales of Kalycito. As the CFO he does the financial planning and manages financial risks. As the COO, he manages the operations of the company and is responsible for the development, design, operation, and improvement of the internal systems of the company. Kamal did his Masters in Micro-electronics in Melbourne, Australia. He was working in Australia before starting Kalycito.




Founder & CTO of kalycito infotech

Maha is a founding member and director of Kalycito. As the CTO he provides direction in which the organization's technological capability should evolve. Apart from the role of CTO, Maha also actively networks to bring new customers and contacts to the company. He is also involved in mentoring the team on technological challenges. Maha is an alumnus of REC Trichy (now renamed as National Institute of Technology) and has nearly 20 years of experience in design, implementation and managing of converged networking solutions for Enterprises. Maha also runs a Enterprise Networking Solutions Company and is also a trustee of an Engineering Institution in Coimbatore.