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What is eAlerta?

  • An IoT Platform

  • For Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, Analytics & Alerting Requirements

  • For Small to Medium Scale Deployments up to 10000 points

How does eAlerta Platform look?

  • Hardware - Remote Terminal Units (RTU):

    • With DI, AI, Counters, RS232/RS485/Modbus inputs

    • Data rates of 100ms (in LAN), 1sec, 1 per 10 sec and 1 per minute

    • No programming needed

    • Time synchronized, dual path to reach server, can send data to two servers

  • Software - Central Unit (CU)

    • For Collection, Storage, Analytics & Alert

    • Web enabled mouse click configurable GUI

    • With real time dash boards, consolidated reports and graphical views

Who use eAlerta and how is it deployed?

  • Two deployment models

    • Enterprise mode (RTU and CU within a private network)

    • IoT mode (RTU send data to CU over the internet)

  • Two broad application areas

    • Industrial data collection (MIS, MES, OEE, Quality, Condition Monitoring, Signage, etc)

    • Infrastructure data collection (Energy, Environmental Parameters, Maintenance Assist)

What are the features?

  • Web enabled Smartness

  • Interconnect your information islands

  • Single tool to learn across different types of use cases

  • Competitive initial and maintenance BOM

  • Staged investment & retrofitting possibility

  • Re-use existing infrastructure

  • Leverage existing security standards

  • Easier integration with ERP

Is eAlerta scalable?

  • Application Scalability

  • Re-use Existing Infrastructure

  • Administrative Scalability

  • Geographical Scalability

  • Security

  • High Availability

Building all these technologies into your next generation product can be a daunting task
eAlerta is an IoT Platform that helps you with a head start

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Energy Efficiency

We have customers across all types of industries and infrastructure using eAlerta to conserve energy.

Equipment Utilization

Our standard product supports job cards, production counting, downtime entries and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) calculations.

Equipment Maintenance

We have proven use cases in equipment condition monitoring and analytics to trigger preventive maintenance alerts.

Production Quality

We have customers using eAlerta to automatically collect key production quality parameters and retain it for multiple years for traceability purposes.


Most customers invariably use the operational data to make minor corrections to their product selling price using the live costing information from eAlerta.


Customers use eAlerta dash boards as a signage to engage with their man power and roll out information in a timely manner.

Remote Monitoring

We have customers using eAlerta as a remote monitoring tool as well as using eAlerta to bring data from multiple offices into one dash board.


Data center customers use eAlerta for monitoring temperature, humidity, health status of power supplies, fire alarms and energy monitoring.