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OPC FLC member - Kalycito

Nuremberg, Germany — Kalycito Infotech Private Limited, today announced its support to the OPC UA including TSN initiative as the Industrial Interoperability standard, at a press conference in SPS IPC drives 2018. Kalycito is among the initial automation industry players group supporting this initiative alongside ABB, BECKHOFF, Bosch-Rexroth, B&R, Cisco, Hilscher, Hirschmann, Huawei, Intel, KUKA, Mitsubishi Electric, Molex, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Pilz, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, Siemens, TTTech, Wago and Yokogawa.

Following are some of the key announcements made to define the journey of OPC UA including TSN initiative.

“Initial work will focus on the core functionality of field device communication, developing a next generation architecture and general model for devices which can be adopted as easily as possible by automation suppliers. This architecture and general model will be expanded with device-type specific functionality by specialist working groups. Extended OPC UA standardization documents will be published including test scenarios and certification procedures to ensure that the wider community can build compliant devices.

OPC UA shall be able to share a multi-vendor converged network infrastructure with other applications including the existing and updated Industrial Ethernet solutions. To achieve this goal, the TSN Profile for Industrial Automation standardized by the IEC/IEEE 60802 committee will be used and all working groups will closely align with this for TSN related specification sections.

Based on time-to-market and existing market gaps, two use cases will be prioritized for specification publication: multi-vendor controller to controller integration; vertical communication from field device to upper levels. Architectural design will ensure that these specifications can be extended in future releases to cover real-time communications for control device, motion and safety functions.

Conformance testing of devices has proved to be a valuable tool ensuring multi-vendor interoperability in end-user deployed systems. OPC-Foundation will deliver conformance test specifications to ensure highest quality standards and validated interoperability before delivery to users.”

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