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Kalycito is glad to announce the launch of 2nd edition of the Letter of Intent of Phase #2 of the OSADL project on OPC UA PubSub over TSN. Recalling the major announcement by several automation technology providers at SPS IPC Drives 2018 – who altogether account for more than 95 percent of the market – that they are now in favour of a unified real-time communication system, it was noteworthy that these companies did not opt for any of the more than 50 different field buses or real-time communication methods used so far. Instead they agreed to unite behind the standard of OPC UA PubSub via TSN.

Compared to the earlier situation of each vendor continuing to use their own proprietary developments, this is a welcome shift where all involved companies must familiarize themselves with the new standard with similar development effort. The key driver behind this shift is that this OSADL project provides an OPC UA PubSub implementation under an Open Source license that permits integration into commercial software. With products to be released in the market in mind, this Phase #2 intends to work on these deliverables:

– Configuration of TSN endpoints

– Generic interface to TSN

– Improvement of the real-time capabilities of OPC UA

– Certification assistance and related code corrections of OPC UA and PubSub

– Adding a security layer

The start of the new phase #2 project is scheduled on the first day of the Embedded World 2019. Following the successful phase #1 in which the first implementation of PubSub under an Open Source license was developed, there is great anticipation among industry members to join and continue the momentum in phase #2. The letter of intent is available at this URL ->

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