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Kalycito at SIDO, Paris – 2022 

Looking for a complete solution on OPC UA? Meet us at the SIDO, Paris from November 8 to 9 at our partner stall, Sterfive – hall J07. Talk to us for the sensor to cloud interoperability know-hows:

  • OPC UA Consultation
    • Leverage our expertise to quickly prototype and finalize the requirements, design, and test specifications.
  • Edge to Cloud Full-stack Architecture
    • We develop both web and offline tools for visualization, information modelling, configuration and device management, security infrastructure and firmware management.
  • Brownfield retrofits/upgrades
    • Expect better horizontal integration with other machines in the factory. A single standardized technology can be used to address horizontal, vertical and within machine use-cases.
  • OPC UA & Information Modeling
    • You need a way to model using the cloud infra and the ability to run your algorithms and take decisions at the Edge.We provide you with a web-based tool to model, simulate, test, forecast and also to deploy your workflows.
  • Industry 4.0 Security
    • Build a robust IIoT device management interface for your IoT devices. An user-management interface for users authentication, authorization, and certificate management for devices. A Security management interface for MFA, TPA; interface to easily configure HMI screens and alerts.
  • Real-time Systems/TSN//OPC FX
    • We help you to build and manage your time series data storage solution on-premise/on the cloud to address all your IIOT reporting, and also your analytics needs
  • DevOps & Continuous Integration
    • Shorten your go-to-market time, lower your costs and free up your teams from day to day environment set-up, verification and validation activities with our IIOT DevOps & CI/CD tool.
Kalycito are thought leaders in using OPC-UA for delivering Industry 4.0 horizontal & vertical use-cases.
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