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9 April 2018- Kalycito and Fraunhofer IOSB made a joint presentation to the OPC Foundation TSN Working Group on how the crowd funded “Multivendor TSN and Open Source OPC UA” program can help the TSN Working Group accelerate their standardization efforts in OPC-UA-TSN.

It included a brief overview of the project objectives, demonstrators exhibited at important trade fairs such as SPS IPC Drives and Embedded World, and the feedback received from the market. It was followed by an outline of the future areas of focus to improve end-to-end real-time performance from a full stack perspective and to create prototypes of configuration concepts.

The presentation was well received as its focus was to work together with global partners and create an open source eco system, which would enable faster time-to-market of products. An important part of this, was to understand how the program can help the TSN WG accelerate standards development and further enable practical prototyping of the standards currently under development.

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