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20 June 2018 – Kalycito presented a paper on determinism and performance achievable over a OPC UA TSN network at the OSADL Networking Day in Heidelberg, Germany on 20-June-2018

We are happy to share our progress in achieving some very good performance numbers for open62541 Pub/Sub over TSN. Our presentation at the OSADL Networking Day earlier this week was well received with about 90 participants from the industrial community in attendance. A point to note is that all the software pieces that were integrated for taking the performance measurements were from open source projects. This included Linux PTP, open62541 Pub/Sub and patches from Intel OSTC for using Time Based Scheduler with the I210 network interface card. This event provided a very good momentum to build on top of our existing efforts from phase 1 of the open source project and led to feedback for promoting phase 2 for developing a high-performance open source solution that is scalable across a range of embedded platforms.


Presentation from OSADL networking day

The presentation focuses on traffic types, our goal, 24*7*365 test setup, traces collected from test setup, ptp on slave, phc2sys on master, phc2sys on slave, time synced under space applications, jitter graph that shows tbs, …


open62541 Performance Whitepaper

Industry 4.0 induced the OEMs to migrate towards a scalable and interoperable architecture with demand for a vendor neutral communications standard. Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a platform in dependent, service – oriented modeling framework that is capable of meeting this demand from the OEMs. The OPC UA …

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