‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘IIoT’ have been dominating the mindshare of industrial businesses over the last couple of years. With the main application areas being connected operations, remote operations and predictive maintenance that require connecting sensors to network, monitoring remote systems, identifying potential breakdown scenarios and performing preventive maintenance. Now, the focus is on choosing a platform and moving to the implementation stage. While doing this, it is not sufficient to just transport machine data to the cloud but also important to have it with the required semantics so it is in a machine readable form.

We see that OPC UA is well suited for Industry 4.0 solutions and Microsoft Azure is a leading choice for cloud platforms. Once you have chosen your platform and solution architecture, we have made it easier for you by providing a tested quick start solution that is certified as part of the Microsoft Azure catalog at https://catalog.azureiotsolutions.com/details?title=IIoT-Starter-Kit&source=home-page&kit=IIoT-Starter-Kit.





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The kit includes software that provides machine-to-machine (m2m) and machine-to-cloud (m2c) demonstrations using OPC UA TSN as the base technology. There are two architecture possibilities:

  • Solution 1 uses secure exchange between your controller and Azure IoT Edge
  • Solution 2 uses Pub/Sub exchange between your controller and Azure IoT Edge





  • Consulting services to bring in Azure IoT component into your existing design
  • Architect & integrate machine-to-cloud (m2c) use cases
  • Architect & integrate machine-to-machine (m2m) use cases
  • Train and handover the project for your teams to maintain it in the long run

Kalycito IIoT Starter Kit

IIoT projects are complex and take a long time to implement. Customers find that choosing and connecting the right set of devices, assets or sensors to the cloud can be time-consuming. Kalycito expertise is in full stack integration of IT and OT technologies helping customers with …

We provide custom development and  individual support for the Open Source OPC UA SDK open62541 and TSN, critical building blocks for Industrie 4,0 and Industrial IoT solutions

Open Source OPC UA – open62541


open62541 is an open source and a free implementation of OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture), it is a high-performance solution that is scalable across a range of embedded platforms. The library is usable with all major compilers and provides the necessary tools to implement dedicated OPC UA clients and servers, or to integrate OPC UA based communication into existing applications. open62541 is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0 which enables the library to also be used in projects that are not open source. Users have to publish changes under the same license only if they are made within the core library.



TSN enables a single, open network infrastructure supporting multi-vendor interoperability through standardization and IT and OT convergence through guarantee of service. The technology will be used to support real-time control and synchronization of high performance machines over a single, standard Ethernet network. Kalycito is also part of Industrial Internet Consortium TSN testbed that showcases an early implementation of TSN.




How-to connect on Azure for m2c

IIoT Starter Kit is a gateway product to get machine data into the cloud. There are two use cases: (a) The gateway accesses data from each OPC UA server in the factory via a secure connection and transmits data to the Azure cloud (b) The gateway subscribes to data in the machine to machine network in the factory via OPC UA PubSub and then transmits data into the Azure cloud.




Training & Consulting

Enable your team to come up to speed on OPC UA TSN & Industry 4.0 technologies by leveraging our training & consulting services.

Specification/ Prototyping

The biggest barrier during the start of any project is the lack of time. Leverage our product evaluation and prototyping services, processes and checklists to quickly complete the requirements, design and test specifications and kick-off the project.

IT/OT System Integration

IT networks focus on security and data management while OT networks are optimized to produce deterministic response times for automation. Nobody understands full stack solutions the way we do in the IT/OT integration space. We help you integrate open62541 in your industrial products. We can significantly lower your time to market curve through our services.