The new initiative by the OPC Foundation – OPC UA FLC promises vendor independent and end-to-end connectivity from sensor to cloud. We build on top of this major global initiative.

Today, the biggest challenge companies face when exploring new business opportunities is interoperability and solving this challenge will unlock the potential of Industry 4.0. We are thought leaders in this space.

We are pioneers in building the open source eco-system for OPC UA TSN or OPC UA FLC. We started early and released PubSub in open source immediately after OPC Foundation released the part 14 specification. Even companies who hold proprietary IP in one part of what we do, leverage our work on other parts of the ecosystem to address their customer use cases. Our goal is to be a single eco-system for all the work involved in the Industry 4.0 end point device and edge device platforms, that includes optimizing the OS for real-time performance, time synchronization, functional and configuration parts of OPC UA, TSN and security.

Kalycito OPC UA SDK for embedded targets is simple, hassle free, easy to use and most importantly open source that makes this SDK a differentiator in the market space.


Why we believe in open source

We believe that community driven open source software can alone offer true interoperability. Such an eco-system also helps reduce R&D costs for organizations significantly.

Organizations can now focus on their core differentiators instead of spending on base technologies like OS, communication and security which are no longer a key differentiating factor in their product or service offering. Thus the cost of development for these shall be community driven.

As you can see Open Source should be part of your core business strategy and should not be a distant second option for consideration or seen as an alternative to proprietary technologies. You may still need proprietary components to differentiate your product or service.



OPC UA SDK for Embedded Targets

Salient Features


  • Written in C99 with architecture-specific plugins (POSIX)
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, QNX, Android and diverse embedded systems
  • Compiled server can be smaller than 100kb
  • Full-stack real-time performance available for x86 + Linux + PREEMPT_RT + Intel i210 hardware


  • Event-based architecture
  • Single or multi-threaded


  • Information model can be modified at runtime
  • Generation of data types and information models from XML specification files

What we offer

There is no standard OPC UA SDK that fits all use cases today. We focus on embedded and m2m use-cases horizontally and sensor to cloud use cases vertically. We also offer custom development on top the open source project. We help map technology choices against your requirements and provide customised solutions.

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Consultants for Information Modeling

Preparing your products for the Industry 4.0 world is not just about upgrading to newer technologies. Newer business models will require products from different vendors to interact with each other seamlessly and a prerequisite for this is to have products modelled in a standard way so they can understand each other.

We can help you with
1. Training on OPC UA information modelling
2. Creating OPC UA information model for your products
3. Validating your implemented models with practical demonstrators

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