Lean IIoT Platform

Need to lower your IIoT lifecycle costs while customizing to your exact business needs?

A well-engineered lean IIoT solution that addresses your requirements both today and tomorrow is going to play a big role in the continued success of your business.

We invest in building architectures of the future that will have Safety and Blockchain based Smart Contracts executed at the edge. We do believe that factors like security, interoperability and API management will span across edge, cloud and fog tiers. Offering a lean platform that scales across these tiers is our focus.

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Salient Features

1. Predictive maintenance

2. System monitoring 

3. Value Stream Mapping

4. Advanced analytics

5. In-process control

6. Asset management

7. Demand prediction



Customized Solutions

In the era of Industrie 4.0, many automation industries are adopting to Industrial Internet of Things. In the context of Lean IIoT, we help in addressing following challenges faced in realizing the complete potential of IIoT

1. Existing legacy systems

2. Inter-operability

3. Data security and privacy

We help to build solutions that are aligned with your business outcomes, meeting customer and user experience expectations.

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Integration Services

To make data-driven decisions, data from factories need to be collected and made available to the interconnected Network of machines and systems. To practically implement the use cases of Industrie 4.0, integration of physical process with internal systems to enterprise level, we determine the diverse integration requirements across all layers of automation pyramid and provide integration services on

1. Data and process integration in cloud

2. Device aggregation

3. Device autonomy

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Consultants for Lean IIoT Platform

Different field level communication protocols such as Profibus/Profinet, SERCOS, EtherCAT, Modbus are being mapped to OPCUA to define the vertical of industrie 4.0. To enable common processing of information from different industrial verticals, we provide consultancy on robust, standards-focused control architecture and feature-rich solution for the following industrial use cases.

1. Smart Factory

2. Smart City

3. Smart Construction

4. Smart Mining

5. Smart Grid

6. Smart Water management

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Configuration Tools

To represent data indistinguishable from the field level and enterprise level and to exist as a common transportation mechanism among different protocols, information model is created. We can help you on following OPCUA configuration tools

1. UA Expert

2. OPCUA modeler

3. OPCUA client

4. Nodeset compiler

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