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NodeOPCUA with over 40000 downloads per month is the best SDK for Cloud, Middleware and Tools Development

  • NodeJS-based and fully written in Typescript/JavaScript
  • Build cloud and desktop applications using the same codebase (electron)
  • Great for rapid prototyping
  • Open Source & Certifiable

OPC UA is the global interoperability standard
To know more, visit our OPC UA FAQ page


Node OPCUA is an open-source OPC UA stack written in  javascript for NodeJS under MIT license. Node OPCUA brings the power of high frequency web and asynchronous programming to the world of intensive industrial communications. You can download the stack from here.


We work in close partnership with stefive the parent company behind NodeOPCUA open-source project. Talk to us for any stack extension or integration services to use the stack in your product.

Kalycito Sterfive partnership

Cloud/Middleware SDK:

As the open source cross-platform OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) stack for node.js, NodeOPCUA allows you to add OPC UA server or OPC UA client capabilities to

  • your IoT device
  • your IoT dektop tools (electron)
  • your IoT cloud applications

NodeOPCUA support

Bug fixing
Technology integration