Commercial support for NodeOPCUA

What is NodeOPCUA?

NodeOPCUA is an OPC UA stack fully written in javascript and NodeJS that can be used to create highly responsive applications by taking advantage of the asynchronous nature of node.js. NodeOPCUA runs on all the platforms that support NodeJS – Linux, Mac and Windows.
NodeOPCUA has been developed and maintained by Sterfive. NodeOPCUA is available on GitHub under the MIT license and is free for commercial use.

Kalycito in the NodeOPCUA ecosystem

Kalycito has partnered with Sterfive to help customers globally with commercial support for integrating NodeOPCUA, PubSub, companion specifications and related software configuration tools for information modelling into their products and services.

NodeOPCUA certification efforts

NodeOPCUA is ready to satisfy the requirements for being compliant with the micro embedded device server profile. Current efforts are ongoing between Sterfive and Kalycito to get NodeOPCUA certified for the standard UA server profile.

NodeOPCUA is suitable for cloud deployments

As NodeOPCUA is written in javascript, its horizontal scaling capabilities are capable of duplicating OPC UA application instances to manage a larger number of incoming connections that are typical in the cloud side deployment of an Industrial IoT platform.

Kalycito commercial support for NodeOPCUA

Node OPC UA integration partner
Kalycito commercial support for NodeOPCUA includes:
  • Development support packages
  • Annual maintenance packages
  • Certification support packages
  • Custom development
    • Tools for modelling and browsing
    • Web based user interfaces
    • Companion specifications