OPC UA SDK for Embedded Targets

Need a high performance OPC UA stack for integrating into your products?

OPC UA SDK for Embedded Targets

Today, interoperability is a major challenge faced by organizations looking to adopt to Industry 4.0 practices. We are thought leaders in this space and we contribute to global standardization and open source efforts to achieve vendor independent end-to-end interoperability right from sensor to cloud. We are part of the OPC Foundation Field Level Communication Steering Committee and we are part of IIC TSN testbeds. We are also the pioneer behind the community project to create an open source eco-system for OPC UA including TSN along with OSADL & Fraunhofer IOSB.

We help leading machine builders and OEMs across the globe invent new business models and onboard Industry 4.0, through our consulting and integration services.


Industry 4.0 and Interoperability






  • Written in C99 with architecture-specific plugins (POSIX)
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, QNX, Android and diverse embedded systems
  • Compiled server can be smaller than 100kb
  • Full-stack real-time performance available for x86 + Linux + PREEMPT_RT + Intel i210 hardware


  • Event-based architecture
  • Single or multi-threaded



  • Information model can be modified at runtime
  • Generation of data types and information models from XML specification files




OPC UA SDK for Embedded Targets

Open source package

open62541 stack is an open, royalty free, portable and flexible stack bundle implementing IEC 62541 under open source license, that places no obligations for use in proprietary products and is available for free download. Open source implementation of OPC UA is available in github.

Standard package

Ready to use demo kit to learn the technology along with a free one-day online training session, providing basic introduction to OPC UA, TSN, open62541 and guidelines for using the kit. It also includes a one-day complimentary architectural consulting workshop and permits you to choose between x86+Linux implementation and ARM+FreeRTOS.

Premium package

Building on top of our standard package, our premium package starts with an intensive architecture consulting workshop at your premises, where Kalycito consultants sit face to face with your team and write down your functional (system, edge, fog and cloud) and non-functional (safety, security and availability etc) requirements and use-cases. This is then mapped with Kalycito SDK features to arrive at an optimal architecture for the proposed system that balances time-to-market and cost criteria.



OPC UA TSN Synchronised Motion Control



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QSG OPC UA PubSub x86 Linux with TBS i210

Quick start guide to setup a open62541 OPC UA PubSub demonstrator between two x86 Linux computers having I210 network interface controller




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