Certified SDK


The certified feature set of open62541 v1.0 is in conformance with the ‘Micro Embedded Device Server’ Profile of OPC Foundation supporting OPC UA client/server communication, subscriptions, method calls and security (encryption) with the security policies ‘Basic128Rsa15’, ‘Basic256′ and Basic256Sha256’ and the facets ‘method server’ and ‘node management’. open62541 also implements OPC UA publisher/subscriber communication.

open62541 is maintained by a community of developers and users. The certified release v1.0 was prepared by Fraunhofer IOSB and Kalycito Infotech with funding from an industry consortium via the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) eG.

open62541 is developed and maintained by a community of contributors from a wide range of backgrounds. The certification is the result of the joint work of all contributors to open62541.The following organizations are mentioned explicitly for leading the certification effort on behalf of the overall community.

Fraunhofer IOSB is responsible for the overall architecture of open62541 and maintains the project jointly with a cross-organizational team from research and industry.


Kalycito Infotech provides consulting, software integration services and commercial support for customers interested in integrating open62541 into their products and getting them certified.


The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL)eG based in Heidelberg, Germany provides support for industry when using Open Source software in products.


Community project vs Commercial support options


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OPC UA SDK Kalycito open source OPC UA client server SDK for embedded targets is simple, hassle free, easy to use that makes this OPC UA SDK a differentiator in the market space. This OPC UA SDK is based on open62541 – an open source implementation of OPC UA specification.

Today, the biggest challenge companies face when exploring new business opportunities is interoperability and solving this challenge will unlock the potential of Industry 4.0. We are thought leaders in this space. The new initiative by the OPC Foundation – OPC UA FLC promises vendor independent and end-to-end connectivity from sensor to cloud. We build on top of this major global initiative.

We are pioneers in building the open source eco-system for OPC UA TSN or OPC UA FLC. We started early and released PubSub in open source immediately after OPC Foundation released the part 14 specification. Even companies who hold proprietary IP in one part of what we do, leverage our work on other parts of the ecosystem to address their customer use cases. Our goal is to be a single eco-system for all the work involved in the Industry 4.0 end point device and edge device platforms, that includes optimizing the OS for real-time performance, time synchronization, functional and configuration parts of OPC UA, TSN and security.

OPC UA Architecture

Customized Solutions

There is no standard OPC UA SDK that fits all use cases today. We focus on embedded and m2m use-cases horizontally and sensor to cloud use cases vertically for mapping technology choices against your requirements and providing customized solutions.

  • Development of custom integration interfaces to connect with your legacy applications and products
  • Optimization to fit into your performance requirements for m2m use cases
  • Architecture and technology for data storage and retrieval to enable historical access

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Integration Services

No one understands full stack solutions the way we do in the IT/OT integration space. We can significantly lower your time to market curve through our integration services.

We can help you with
  • IEC61131 programming environment integration with OPC UA PubSub configuration tooling
  • OPC UA PubSub over TSN integration as industrial communication backbone
  • OPC UA PubSub over MQTT/AMQP for edge gateway module integration with cloud services

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Consultants for Information Modelling

Preparing your products for the Industry 4.0 world is not just about upgrading to newer technologies. Newer business models will require products from different vendors to interact with each other seamlessly and a prerequisite for this is to have products modeled in a standard way so they can understand each other.

We can help you with
  • Training on OPC UA information modelling
  • Creating OPC UA information model for your products
  • Validating your implemented models with practical demonstrators

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Configuration Tools

Developing your own PLC/controller requires developing your own engineering tool. An important customer facing part of the engineering tool is the configuration of field devices to be deployed under the controller.

We can help you with
  • C++ based configuration tool plugin development for standalone applications
  • Web based configuration tool development for cloud centric solutions
  • Validating your implemented models with practical demonstrators

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Why we believe in open source

We believe that community driven open source software can alone offer true interoperability. Such an Eco-system also helps reduce R&D costs for organizations significantly.

Organizations can now focus on their core differentiators instead of spending on base technologies like OS, communication and security which are no longer a key differentiating factor in their product or service offering. Thus the cost of development for these shall be community driven.

As you can see Open Source should be part of your core business strategy and should not be a distant second option for consideration or seen as an alternative to proprietary technologies. You may still need proprietary components to differentiate your product or service.

Watch this 3 min video from our partner OSADL on how organizations can benefit from open source collaboration.

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Join the global crowdfunded initiative

Following the successful phase #1 in which the first implementation of PubSub under an Open Source license was developed, there is great anticipation among industry members to join and continue the momentum in phase #2.

Global crowdfunded initiative – Current status

Download the presentation of the current status and implementation plans of the global crowdfunded initiative phase #2.

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open62541 stack is available open source and more information on the features shall be viewed in Github

Click here for officially certified stack release in English , German and French