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Factory automation to date has been limited by the divide between IT and OT networks. While IT networks focus on security and data management, OT networks are optimized to produce deterministic response times for automation.
The emergence of new IEEE Ethernet standards coupled with Gigabit Ethernet technology have now paved the way to securely and efficiently merge IT and OT. Powered by TSN and the OPC UA data modeling capability this combination of technologies allows real-time deterministic communications across a secure network that meets the needs of the most stringent IIoT requirements. This webinar addresses how this technology may be adopted by device manufacturers, end users, and OEMs.
OPC UA TSN: Bridging The IT/OT Divide in Factory Automation

Sari Germanos

Sari Germanos is part of the business development and technology marketing teams at B&R Industrial Automation Team. He is responsible for open source technologies and open standards for machine interoperability. He also has significant experience in applying simulation technologies to improve the efficiency of developing large-scale distributed systems. Sari is chairing the work group developing the OPC UA Companion Specification for ISA TR-88. He also represents B&R at the Industrial Internet Consortium where he co-chairs the Networking Task Group. Sari received his MS in Computer Science from Boston College.
Sari Germanos

Bhagath Singh Karunakaran

Bhagath is a first-generation entrepreneur, with a passion for engineering and technology. He has been instrumental in starting Kalycito and growing it organically for over a decade now. He believes in bringing a positive difference in the lives of every human being, by creating next generation IT/OT technologies – that enable people with more insights and help them achieve decentralized decision making. Bhagath started his career in 2002, managing enterprise IT software, networks and servers. Later he joined Infosys, where he was involved in developing mission critical embedded software, for industrial automation customers in Europe and North America. Today, he has over 16 years of experience in software development, embedded systems, open source and real-time Linux, enterprise and industrial networking, project management, product management, marketing and sales.
Bhagath Singh Karunakaran
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