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Benefit from highly integrated reference designs for hard real-time Ethernet solutions on Altera SoC for your PLCs, Vision System, Drives, SCADA and DCS systems. Achieve state-of-the-art performance in your master and slave field bus devices using Altera SoC along with BSD licensed openPOWERLINK technology. This provides you a single chip solution for any complex automation component.

The Altera SoC based designs are provided on the Cyclone V SoC and are supported on Quartus-II 14.0 tool-chain from Altera. The user applications in the design run on a ARM cortex A9 core and the time critical communication stack runs on a soft-core NIOS-II processor in the FPGA section of the SoC. The designs provide a network cycle time performance down to 250us with less than 40ns network jitter which make it ideal for highly time critical systems.



  • BSD licensed
  • < 250 us network cycle time
  • < 40 ns jitter
  • Maximum Ethernet frame size support
  • 5 slaves @250 us
  • > 25 slaves @1 ms
  • Single chip solution
  • Cross traffic
  • Quartus II 14.0 support


Reference designs for POWERLINK on Altera SoC


Non OS master
  • Ideal for solutions targeting highly time critical low jitter systems with network synchronization time down to 250 us and jitter < 40 ns
  • Using custom openPOWERLINK hardware acceleration features on the same chip, this master design can support up to 10 slaves in 250 us of network cycle time and > 30 slaves in 1 ms of network cycle time




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