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Powerlink on RPI


Automation Technology is Now for Everyone

Student Interns at Kalycito have tested openPOWERLINK on Raspberry Pi2 and have come up with a demonstration that showcases how POWERLINK on Raspberry Pi2 can be an interesting platform for networked industrial and home automation projects. It should be noted that the official open source release package was used in an unmodified fashion to achieve the demo.



TCP/IP cannot be used for real time industrial applications. POWERLINK is the only real time industrial solution that is available open source in both master and slave configurations. You can mathematically prove determinism and hard real time behaviour if you use POWERLINK.


Why do I need determinism and hard real time?

Say you have a bottling application, you have to synchronize the position of the bottle and the opening and closing of the filling nozzle. In a simple system, this is easily done with direct wiring of PLCs and sensors. In a distributed architecture, i.e. in large machines with many PLCs, drives and IOs, cabling is not practical and this is the reason people are turning to Ethernet. However, TCP/IP cannot provide determinism and hence POWERLINK comes in.


What are the Application Areas?

  • Industrial Robotics
  • Remote IO Blocks
  • Process Automation
  • Security Surveillance
  • Building Automation
  • Home Automation


Getting started on openPOWERLINK on Raspberry Pi2





What performance can I expect?

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