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Take advantage of the highly cost efficient design for hard real time Ethernet solution on MAX 10 for your Drives, SCADA and DCS systems. Choose a device, from the range of MAX 10 family, which fits your plant automation requirement and enable it with state-of-the-art performance using BSD licensed openPOWERLINK technology. This provides you with a single chip solution for complex automation components.

The MAX 10 based slave designs are provided on the Quartus Prime 16.0 tool chain from Altera and are very resource conservative, using only a single NIOS II processor to run the Ethernet network operation. The designs provide a network cycle time performance down to 400 us with less than 40ns network jitter which make them ideal for highly time critical systems.



  • BSD licensed
  • 400 us network cycle time
  • 40 ns jitter
  • Auto response within an inter frame gap (IFG)
  • Maximum Ethernet frame size support
  • Single chip solution
  • Cross traffic
  • Quartus Prime 16.0 support


Reference designs:

Non OS slave

  • Ideal for solutions targeting highly time critical low jitter systems with network synchronization time down to 400 us and jitter 40 ns.


We hope we have helped you in getting started with your Deterministic Ethernet journey. Keep in touch!

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