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In this age, all of us are familiar with the benefits of using Ethernet. Eventhough the popular wisdom stands at ‘Ethernet is non deterministic’; since its advent, going back to the first version on Modbus in 1979, Real time Ethernet systems have replaced traditional fieldbus systems in more than a third of the industries world over.

Now a days there are a foray of Ethernet based Deterministic systems e.g. Profinet, Ethernet Powerlink, Ethernet I/P, etc, available in form of solutions or off the shelf products, used by system architects to make their operation more efficient. The primary barriers in adaptation of these systems among existing industries have been the closed nature of the technology, unavailability of training/handholding and prototypes, limited exposure, etc.

The following set of reference designs and guides are prepared to bridge this gap between the technology and the industries; in order to provide a medium to experiment, self train and prototype systems that will best serve your needs.


Learn and Evaluate on Raspberry Pi2

If you are a student or a system builder looking to create a table top solution in less than 30 minutes, to experiment and prototype a master slave network, this RPi2 Linux based demo gives you everything that is required including step by step video guides and binaries.


Get versatility in your system with Xilinx Zynq

If you desire a solution which provides high performance and integration flexibility, then the Zynq based designs do so exactly by giving you a combination of hybrids for Linux and bare metal master/slave systems.


SoC based designs on Altera Cyclone V

Take advantage out of a single chip based solution which is light, at the same time powerful. This solution comes along with lean bare metal master, slave designs and quick start guide, binaries to get you started on your familiar Altera platform.


First Ever Open Source Master Redundancy Design

Add high availability to your real time ethernet system using the first ever open source industrial ethernet master redundancy design. The design supports multiple OS and non OS systems and comes with quick start guides, binaries to setup your own system using Raspberry Pi2 and Linux.


Convert your Windows or Linux PC into a hard real time network master

With the Altera PCIe based solution, run a hard real time master from your familiar Windows or Linux PC without any compromise to the network performance or usability.


Manage your distributed automation configuration using open source Eclipse plugin

In an IoT world, distributed intelligence also means more sophisticated configuration to be managed. If you are a machine builder or a system integrator who builds your own embedded devices, and you are concerned about the growing complexity of your implementations, here is an open source tool that can help in managing the configuration in a standard manner.

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