Commercial support for openPOWERLINK


Ethernet POWERLINK is a real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol used for deterministic Ethernet applications. POWERLINK is based on an open standard that is managed by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG).

What is openPOWERLINK?

openPOWERLINK is an open source Industrial Ethernet stack implementation of the Ethernet POWERLINK protocol. The openPOWERLINK stack implements both the Managing Node (MN, POWERLINK Master) and Controlled Node (CN, POWERLINK Slave) including all important features required by modern POWERLINK devices. openPOWERLINK is Open Source software (OSS) licensed under the BSD license and is free for commercial applications.

Kalycito in the openPOWERLINK ecosystem

Kalycito is one of the key maintainers and contributors to the openPOWERLINK stack since 2010. Kalycito has been helping customers globally with commercial support for porting and integrating openPOWERLINK master and slave stacks and IP cores into their PLCs, distributed I/O systems, drives and machine control applications.
Kalycito also has expertise developing custom configuration tools such as openCONFIGURATOR that can be used by machine builders to setup and deploy openPOWERLINK network in their machines.

commercial support for openPOWERLINK

Kalycito provides commercial support for openPOWERLINK to help customers

  • Upgrade legacy control systems from RS422/RS485
  • Minimize wiring complexity of point-to-point legacy I/O designs
  • Porting openPOWERLINK to custom embedded platforms
    • Real-time Linux on x86 (including PCIe designs)
    • Bare metal or RTOS on ARM Cortex M4 and Arm Cortex A9 series
    • Bare metal or RTOS on Xilinx Spartan, Artix, Zynq SoC
    • Bare metal or RTOS on Intel/Altera Max10, Cyclone IV, Cyclone V SoC
openPOWERLINK Stack Configuration Product
Use Case
Number of slave nodes supported Cyclic data size per node (bytes) Async data size (bytes) Hardware Platform Baremetal FreeRTOS Linux/
Drive Controller 250us cycle time 8 32 300 Zynq SoC Cyclone V SoC
Master stack+Time Triggered Send+Poll Response Chaining I/O Controller 500us cycle time 16 64 300 Zynq SoC Cyclone V SoC
Drive Controller 250us cycle time 8 32 300 Zynq SoC Cyclone V SoC
I/O, Sensors, Encoders, Drives 32 300 ARM Cortex M4 + FPGA
Slave stack + Auto Response + Poll Response Chaining RS422/RS485 Custom I/O Coupler 64 300 Spartan 6, Artix 7 Cyclone IV, Max 10
HMI Vision systemsOPC UA Gateway 128 1500 Zynq SoC Cyclone V SoC