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Real Time Ethernet Conference was attended by industry experts from Accenture, Bharat Electronics Limited, L&T Technology Services, ABB, Aeronautical Development Agency, Barry Wehmiller International and many more esteemed organizations. The conference also had technical sessions from partner organizations like Kalycito, Altera, B&R Industrial Automation and Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group. Kalycito conducted technical sessions on “How to Quick start with implementation of POWERLINK” and “High Availability using POWERLINK-Master Redundancy and Medium Redundancy”.


The conference covered topics ranging from basics of industrial Ethernet to its usage in high performance automation applications. It focused on openness which is the crux of Industry 4.0. It also highlighted Ethernet POWERLINK, the completely open source, hardware independent software solution on standard Ethernet complying with IEEE 802.3 for achieving deterministic performance down to 100 micro seconds.

Technical sessions were conducted on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Ethernet and real time deterministic Ethernet complying with IEEE 802.3
  • Introduction to Ethernet POWERLINK: An open source solution on standard Ethernet
  • Implementation of POWERLINK: A user perspective Quick start with Implementation of POWERLINK
  • POWERLINK Implementation: Concept to Realization
  • POWERLINK in Applications: Enhancing System Performance
  • High Availability using POWERLINK: Master and Medium redundancy
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