Real Time Ethernet Conference 2015, Pune


Real Time Ethernet Conference was conducted on 04-August-2015 in Pune, India. Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) is a consortium based in Germany focusing on the effective exploitation of Ethernet’s benefits for high-performance hard real-time network systems. Kalycito along with EPSG, B&R and Texas instruments conducted technical sessions and presented live demonstrations to showcase the ideal real time deterministic solution having Barry-Wehmiller as the guest speaker. Kalycito conducted technical sessions on “Implementation of POWERLINK – A user perspective” and “Quick start with implementation of POWERLINK”.

Highlights: The conference covered various topics to explore the benefits of Ethernet in achieving high-performance hard real-time network systems. It also highlighted the efficiency of Ethernet POWERLINK – an open source real time communication protocol based on standard Ethernet complying with IEEE 802.3 which is a pure software solution with cycle times as low as 100µs. Technical sessions were conducted on the following topics:
  • Implementation of POWERLINK – A user perspective
  • Quick start with implementation of POWERLINK
  • Providing efficient and robust hardware
  • Enhancing System Performance
  • Live demonstrations displaying POWERLINK communication from EPSG and its partners Kalycito, Texas Instruments and B&R Industrial Automation