Real-time Linux Starter Kit


Need hard real-time performance together with the versatility of Linux in your products?

While most of the Linux components are available open source, building a deterministic system and extracting real-time performance is a challenge that only a few are willing to take up on their own due to the challenges where we have to ensure a fine balance between accepting new features and not breaking already established stability.

New features keep getting added everyday to the hardware (say power management, etc.) and to the software (say kernel versions, new real-time patches, drivers and your own applications). Having a real-time Linux system is clearly not a one-time effort.

We enable you to achieve real-time performance as well as help you in upgrading features in a reliable and efficient manner. Going a step further, we can also help you combine real-time network use-cases with IT/OT integration platforms which requires a real-time Linux environment that is well defined for such scenarios.

This starter kit provides a hardened Linux configuration for hard real-time application use cases, to guarantee low jitter, latency and cycle times on your chosen embedded/compute platform throughout your product lifecycle. Unleash the power of real time communication in your existing IT/OT systems.