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Powerlink Webinar

Legacy automation systems use different field buses for I/O, motion control and safety devices thereby making integration different. POWERLINK is the only technology with open source BSD licensed Master, Slave, Safe Node stacks and network configuration tools that enables deterministic communications of all devices on Ethernet. The programmable REM Switch from Analog Devices enables cost effective POWERLINK designs with any host processor.

This webinar will outline some of the major Industrial Ethernet communications protocols in use today, and then present an example implementation of an open source protocol (Ethernet POWERLINK) implemented on modern chip architectures.


Siddharth Ravikumar
Senior Consultant at Kalycito

Siddharth is a Senior Consultant at Kalycito with focus on solution building in the real-time industrial networking and IIoT space. He has in-depth knowledge of networked industrial products and has worked on all phases of the product life cycle for customers in the European and US markets.

Chris Stelmar
Product Applications Engineer with Analog Devices

Chris Stelmar is the Product Applications Engineer for the Deterministic Ethernet Technology Group at Analog Devices. Before being acquired by ADI, Chris was responsible for worldwide support for Deterministic Ethernet at Innovasic. He has extensive experience helping customers implement and troubleshoot hardware and software in Deterministic Ethernet applications.

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