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Embedded OPC UA – Binary node store implementation

OPC UA information models are delivered in the form of NodeSet2.xml files. As XML storage and parsing is not very efficient for implementation in resource constrained embedded systems, an alternative solution is to convert the information from the XML files into the form of source code that can be compiled as part of the OPC UA server and can be used to initialize the information model of the server during run time. Even this approach can be quite resource intensive in the case of certain embedded targets and yet another solution is to compress/encode the information into a much smaller binary file format which can be stored in ROM and whose contents can be selectively decoded into RAM as required during run time.

Kalycito has implemented the above described solution in open62541 for binary storage and runtime decoding of the information model to fit into resource constrained embedded targets. More information can be found at this link:

View our Pull Request in GitHub


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