Architectural consulting

Architectural Consulting

Enable your team to come up to speed on IIoT & Industry 4.0 technologies by leveraging our training & consulting services.

Technology platform

Technology/Platform Evaluation

Map technology choices against your requirements, get whitepapers and comparison reports to make informed choices.


Obsolescence Management

Let your core team focus on the innovation needs of your company while we take care of these threats.

System Integration

System Integration

Nobody understands full stack solutions the way we do in the IT/OT integration space. We can significantly lower your time to market curve through our services.

 Verification & Validation

Verification & Validation

Lower your costs and free up your core teams from day to day verification and validation tasks.

Specification prototyping


Leverage our prototyping strengths, processes and checklists to quickly complete the requirements, design and test specifications and kick-off the project.

Industry 4.0 Consulting services

  • Full-stack architecture specification
  • End-to-end platform evaluation/prototyping
  • Brown field retrofits/upgrades
  • Configuration tools
  • OPC UA
  • Industry 4.0 Security
  • Real-time Linux
  • Times Sensitive Networking
  • DevOps & Continuous Integration

Software Development/Integration Services

  • Embedded software/device drivers
  • Middleware & cloud application software
  • Configuration tools & processes
    • Firmware and software update management
    • DevOps & Continuous Integration
  • Obsolescence management



open Source community project & Commercial support
Open Source OPC UA – open62541 Community Project & Commercial Support
Technology adoption framework
Industry 4.0 – Eight Stage Technology Adoption Framework
Case study
Engaging with us is easy – Case study
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