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Software Development & Integration Services

While most of our services are towards last-mile integration of our COTS, we also offer our software development and integration services around Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies.

Digital Transformation Services


  • To meet your time-to-market goals
  • To address your shortages in skilled manpower
  • To leverage our expertise, geographic and demographic advantages
  • To benefit from the flexibility of external sourcing
Challenges of IoT

Proof Of Concept

Leverage our expertise, additional hands, processes, and checklists to quickly prototype and finalize the requirements, design, and test specifications.

Tools Development

Develop web and offline tools for visualization, information modelling, configuration and device management, security infrastructure and firmware management.

DevOps & CI

Shorten your go-to-market time, lower your costs and free up your teams from day to day environment set-up, verification and validation activities.

Software Development/Integration Services







Industry 4.0 Expertise

  • Edge to Cloud Full-stack Architecture
  • Brown Field Retrofits/Upgrades
  • Configuration Tools
  • OPC UA & Information Modeling
  • Industry 4.0 Security
  • Real-time Systems/Embedded Linux
  • Real-time Networking/TSN
  • DevOps & Continuous Integration

Today’s legacy information islands

Information island

The new normal

The new normal

The new normal depends on flexible flow of data through the larger network of things in the manufacturing enterprise. This will be possible only if there is a globally open ecosystem based on a unified architecture that allows adaptive devices to enable new business models.

Kalycito Expertise

We are pioneering the creation of such a global open ecosystem through our initiatives in the open source OPC UA and TSN space.

Our Expertise

Our strength is our expertise in full stack integration of IT and OT technologies. We can help you with on-time delivery of secure, reliable and interoperable IIoT Solutions. We leverage our lean platforms, mature and agile processes, open source tools, technology expertise and domain know-how to achieve the same.
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Industrial Networking & OT Technologies

Smart Factory

Smart Cities

Enterprise Networking & IT Technologies